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As a Franchisee, you are entering a five year fixed term agreement (renewable) for the use of the business idea. You decide which option is best suited to you. You pay a one–off Franchise fee plus on-going royalty and marketing payments to the Franchisor.


We have a comprehensive online marketing program in place.


Business Training
The Gutter Blokes is proud of the support given to Franchisees. In particular, we are proud of our Intranet Support site, explicitly designed for all of our Franchisees' needs. You will be given training on all aspects of the business from The Gutter Blokes image, branding and marketing through to everyday business operations.


Physical Training

You will attend a 3 day training program which will include 2 days training in the field.

Franchisee Support.

As most of our documents are electronic, we will post them on MagnumPlus giving you full access. The expectation is that you will download documents when required. And, of course, you can pick up the telephone at anytime to discuss what has been posted to the webpage. You can access your Operations Manual online plus any supporting files required to assist the growth of your business.

What qualifications do I need?

You need to be someone who takes pride in the work you do. A neat, clean appearance and good work habits are a must. Your track record will also show you to be responsible, reliable, and dependable. No experience required as full training is given.

How much training do I receive?3 day training programme held at our head office in Christchurch.You will be provided with our in-house training plus the operations manual which will guide you on all aspects of your business.

Not a problem – as long as you have an aptitude for this field of work. We want people who love working outdoors and are in great physical condition. We are here to support you and will teach you how to become a pro Gutter Blokes Franchisee. A background in customer service is of more advantage than someone with industry experience – it is easier to train someone how to clean gutters rather than teaching a gutter cleaner how to provide superb customer service, and sales skills.What if I don’t know anything about gutters?

Why wouldn’t I carry on or start my own business in this industry?The Gutter Blokes Limited offers the best of both worlds - joining forces with a well known name (strength in numbers) and the freedom of owning your own business. You create your own identity and make your own decisions supported by the benefits of The Gutter Blokes systems. In our experience the well-known and respected Gutter Blokes name attracts more inquiries for work.






Jim Thomas

Director & Operator

P: 0800 55 35 55

M: 022 120 3572



New Zealand wide franchise opportunities. Call 0800 55 35 55

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